How silicone becomes a piece of art: the new style of Luca Moretto.

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Silicone is soft, resistant and tepid to the touch: it’s a pleasant sensation that enhances the visual effect. The canvas subtly acquires a threedimensional aspect where the lines of silicone create plays of light and shade and just cry out to be touched, almost as if they were a code that has nothing to do with sight! Such a corporeal sensation of the stroke would have drawn everyone to it like a magnet.

Silicone is an extremely strong and resilient material so that even if it is touched a thousand times, just like the human body, it does not get ruined. Likewise every stroke or caress is pleasurable, alluring and almost startling.
Moretto started with black silicone, but then painstakingly set out to find other types of silicone and found them in various colours so that even within a single mark, he now also manage to create shadings.

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